meet the EDITOR

Hi, I'm Tatum + I'm the creator of This Is... magazine. I am obsessed with writing (+ being  right). Growing up, I always loved to write but I didn't discover my true passion for it until college at the University of San Diego. Once my passion was realized, I began a rampage to share my voice with the world - my blunt, sometimes (frequently) potty-mouthed, honest + sarcastic voice. I love Harry Styles but I love my husband, who is my biggest fan, supporter, + believer, more (as I should). I don't shut up, I'm brutally honest, + I'm rarely politically correct. I'm a dreamer + a doer, which is why I'm making my dream a thing that I do. 


But enough about me. My vision for This Is... came about after I became fed up with the constant bullshit + unrealistic "normal" portrayed in the media. I created This Is... because I want to empower females to embrace who they are, as they are + realize that they are not only enough, but more than enough - they are beautiful, unique, + valued. So This Is... a place for real girls to put their stories into the world for others to relate + be inspired, to learn + share in heartache, to support + be supported, to empower + be empowered.At This Is... we embody the ideals of no celebrities, no Photoshop, no bullshit and we are about women, by women, for women. This Is... my dream + This Is... me.


It's nice to meet you!