We are a quarterly, digital magazine that shares stories of real women, by real women, for real women to remind us we’re not alone, one story at a time. No celebrities, no Photoshop, no bullshit.


This Is...a magazine that strives to teach girls and women that they are beautiful, what they are going through is normal and how they feel is valid. And what better way to do that than by sharing real stories of real girls and women? Our hope is that by reading the stories on the pages of our magazine, you will be able to see yourself, even if it's not your story being read because you can relate, you've been there too, you've felt that same feeling. Through reading our magazine our hope is for you to realize you're not alone.

Here at This Is...we have #nofilter - both verbally and visually. Why pretend to be something we’re not? We don’t. That’s why we speak our mind and say it how it is. And, if necessary (or just pleasurable), we cuss.

Here at This Is...we are real women entering the real world of adulthood - so whether that means you’re fifteen or fifty, This Is...a place for you.